Research on livestock livelihoods and animal-source foods

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The livestock livelihoods and agri-food systems flagship carries out integrative research to improve animal source food systems and livestock based livelihoods in the following areas:

  • Systems analysis for priority setting and scaling and on livestock sector development
  • Gender-based analysis to inform research priority setting and equitable outcomes
  • Enhanced nutrition through livestock: nutrition-sensitive and cost-effective livestock interventions, market and investment assessment and opportunities to improve nutrition
  • Improving livelihoods of smallholder livestock keepers and their capacity to cope with shocks
  • Enabling policies, markets and institutions
  • Systematic learning to facilitate scaling of innovations related to the unique opportunities of livestock systems


9. What are the most promising livestock research solutions or interventions we need to discover – or deliver – to provide more and better animal-source foods to the world’s poor? How do we achieve these?

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