Delivering a livestock program – capacity development?

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Within the program, capacity development is seen as a strategic enabler in the complex process of achieving development outcomes through research. It needs to happen across multiple levels—individual, organizational and institutional—and covers a wider scope than the mere transfer of knowledge and skills through training. It is also a key to engaging with stakeholders in multiple ways and at different levels to ensure research outputs are taken to scale.

Particular emphasis will be given to the ‘design and delivery of innovative learning materials and approaches’ (the capacity to use research results and take to scale) and ‘developing future research leaders through fellowships’ (the capacity to undertake research). Working together, strong partners will be better placed to co-discover and co-deliver the program’s research.


12. What critical institutional capacities are necessary for livestock research to deliver impact at scale in developing countries – how can they best be developed

13. Which ways to deliver capacities to livestock sector actors are most likely to produce results, in terms of improved use of research results?

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