Photo A. Habtamu/ILRI


The CGIAR Research Program on Livestock aims to unlock the potential of small ruminants in Ethiopia through the development of equitable, sustainable and efficient sheep and goat value chains.

How are we doing this?

  • Increasing productivity at individual animal and farm level through community-based breeding programs, certification processes, better herd management, and control of diseases.
  • Generation of more income at household level that is accessible to both men and women through high-yield activities, such as sheep fattening and milk addition.
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability of proposed interventions, such as mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions per unit yield and land degradation.
  • Facilitating service delivery around the integrated packages, including improved links to service suppliers such vet services, private feed suppliers and others.
  • Building upon the strong partnerships with national and regional Government and politicians to gain their full support of the technology packages.

Ethiopia is one of four priority countries that serve as the laboratory to demonstrate how technological and institutional innovations can be integrated into real life interventions. The other countries are Tanzania, Uganda and Vietnam.