Photo Tu Mai/ILRI


The CGIAR Research Program on Livestock in Vietnam is working towards identifying, testing and evaluating appropriate livestock and livestock related interventions to address sustainable intensification challenges in the northwest region of the country.

What does this look like?

  • Livestock and Fish and Livestock CRP research to date will be consolidated to develop a pilot with flexible combinations of integrated interventions. The project will generate evidence needed to attract development investment to take the intervention package to scale by national development partners.
  • A landscape and sustainable intensification approach will be used, considering all of the sustainability domains defined in the Sustainable Intensification Assessment Framework (productivity, environment, economic, social and human), and using a farm typology based on production system characteristics.
  • Different packages will be targeting different types of households, located at different locations in the landscape and including different livestock species. The landscape aspects will be addressed at farm level (landscape position, slope,…) and community level (management of communal resources, policies,…).
  • Sustainable intensification will be through livestock and include system intensification, taking into account  labour issues, natural resource use, manure for coffee etc, where livestock is an important part of the system.

Vietnam is one of four priority countries that serve as the laboratory to demonstrate how technological and institutional innovations can be integrated into real life interventions. The other countries are Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda.