Delivering a livestock program – communications and uptake?

Blog post

The program intends to invest in robust communication, intellectual assets management and open access, research data management and knowledge management to achieve:

  • Greater research uptake and outcomes by publishing, licensing, communicating and adapting the program’s outputs, data and messages
  • Effective engagement in partnerships and with policy processes so results are scaled
  • More effective program management and delivery by supporting monitoring, learning, knowledge sharing and communications among partners
  • High quality research and priority setting by good design and curation of data
  • Wide and open access to information, data and intellectual assets, encouraging re-use in target sites and contributing to the global knowledge base
  • Mobilizing additional resources for the program by communicating results, raising awareness and advocating for livestock research and development


16. How are livestock research results and technologies best taken beyond next users to large scale use or adoption– what works and what does not?

17. How are policy and decision makers best engaged with and influenced to increase the uptake of livestock research?

18. What are concrete ways that information and communications technologies (ICTs) and mobile applications can enhance the way we do, or deliver, livestock research?

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