Small ruminants and food security: Goats are cattle gifted for the poor

Blog post

A recent study by Scientists at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) investigated the role of small ruminant production for food security and explored the different perspectives of men and women on the role of small ruminants in alleviating food insecurity.

Key messages in the study include:

  • Small ruminants are important assets, a source of income and animal-source food for smallholder farmers, especially women.
  • Small ruminant production can greatly increase food security and thus improve health and malnutrition of families.
  • Women contribute significantly to food security through production, economic access to available food, and nutritional security.
  • Gender-targeted interventions are a good entry point to improve food security and nutrition as women have a key interest in investing in household consumption needs.

Download the poster: Desta, H., Kinati,W., Alemu,B., Mulema, A.,Eerdewijk,A., and Wieland, B. 2017.Small ruminant production for food security. Poster. Addis Ababa. ILRI.