Delivering a livestock program – gender?

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Gender analysis is being embedded throughout the program at multiple levels: as a strategic area of research with implications for livestock research and livestock keeping; integrated into other research areas as a cross-cutting theme; and as a factor influencing research priority setting, dissemination and scaling and as an integral part of the overall theory of change.

Two main types of research will be carried out in this area.

Gender-integrated research focuses on gender roles, relations and dynamics within specific livestock research areas like health or genetics. Such research will address technologies that reduce women’s labour and energy expenditure and be guided by research questions:

  • How gender (in-)equality affects the technological and institutional solutions that are designed, delivered and studied
  • How technological and institutional solutions impact on gender relations

Strategic research will address three research questions:

  • How gender norms and structures shape the social/institutional context
  • Transformative approaches to addressing gender-based constraints
  • Opportunities for equitable livestock-related livelihoods and for equitable access, control and intake of animal-source foods

Drawing from this analysis, the program will include both women-focused studies and women pro-active interventions whenever needed to progress towards gender equity.


14. How do we best ensure that gender and equity issues are addressed and acted upon in livestock research for development?

15. How should we prioritize between gender-integrated and gender-strategic work?

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