Livestock CRP Planning and Review Meeting

A virtual meeting to take stock and plan ahead

With under two years left on the clock, the Livestock CRP flagship teams and cross-cutting coordinators will come together to take stock of the CRP’s achievements to date, to articulate what the legacy of the CRP could look like by December 2021 and to position its successes in order to help shape the CGIAR livestock research agenda going forward.

The 8-day event will consist of plenary and breakout sessions where participants will be encouraged to look back at the learnings and achievements of the CRP both as a whole and at the flagship and cross-cutting levels. Flagships will have the opportunity to plan what the remaining 18 months will look like and which outputs (e.g. innovations, policies) and outcomes they would like to highlight and package as part of the legacy of the CRP.

Expected outcomes
  • CRP team members have a better sense of the overall CRP strategy and a heightened sense of CRP identity and ownership
  • CRP team members are prepped to contribute actively to flagship and priority country planning through to the end of the CRP, including identifying priorities for synthesis and other activities to wind up the CRP and transition research into the next phase
  • CRP priority country teams have a shared understanding of what needs to be achieved across the programs.
  • CRP flagship teams have a clear and shared understanding of plans and responsibilities to the remaining time.