Livestock livelihoods and agri-food systems flagship

The Livestock Livelihoods and Agri-Food Systems flagship’s objectives are:

  • Set research priorities for the Livestock CRP, within the context of a dynamic, global livestock sector and conduct policy analysis to guide inclusive and sustainable investments by both public and private actors.
  • Improve livestock technology development and adoption by ensuring that gender-based analysis informs research priority setting across the CRP and that delivery and scaling are equitable.
  • Identify, test and facilitate livestock-mediated pathways to improve nutrition in rural households and their communities.
  • Improve the livelihoods of smallholder livestock keepers and their ability to cope with shocks, through integrated technologies and institutional innovations.
  • Improve the performance of animal-source food systems and promote pro-poor livestock development through institutional innovation and policy advocacy.

The flagship:

  • Delivers outcomes that address rural livelihoods, nutrition, gender and livestock agri-food system performance, with livestock-mediated livelihoods and well-being as its core aim.
  • Provides the integrative mechanisms for technologies and strategies from the CRP’s technology and environment flagships to be piloted and implemented among target livestock keepers and communities.
  • Ensures that priority setting and gender are mainstreamed across the CRP.
  • Leads CRP policy analysis as basis for advocacy to promote livestock growth opportunities for the poor.
  • Identifies evidence-based best practices to facilitate scaling by partners of innovations addressing the unique opportunities afforded by livestock systems.
  • Provides key linkages to the PIM CRP for foresight, gender, market development and scaling, and to A4NH CRP for human nutrition and food safety.

Contact flagship leader:  Steve Staal, ILRI

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