Livestock health flagship

The Livestock Health flagship will capitalize on and continue to strengthen the cooperation and interaction between the long-term lab-based biotech research and research in the field. Rapid value chain assessments conducted in phase 1 pointed towards important health constraints, but failed to capture and quantify the importance of endemic production diseases and constraints related to poor husbandry and lack of access to services and products. At the same time, gender-integrative research conducted in Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania provided important insights into the socio-economic impact of livestock diseases on different household members and on the roles and constraints of different household members in animal health management.

Technology outputs in phase 1 were limited, mainly because the key emphasis was on long-term research, for example the development of new vaccines. Under the Livestock CRP, the flagship has a more balanced portfolio of research including short- and medium-term outputs; for example, herd health packages using existing disease control and preventive tools, while at the same time maintaining key long-term vaccine research on key diseases, recognizing the potential game-changing impact they can have. Emphasis will be given on optimizing herd health interventions that address husbandry and a wider range of productivity problems, including diseases for which the uptake of existing control options has been limited, as well as the rational use of veterinary drugs to avoid antimicrobial resistance, and development of improved systems to ensure access for livestock producers to veterinary products and services.

The Livestock Health flagship’s objectives are:

  • Develop and deploy methods and tools for evaluating animal health constraints and identifying emerging threats.
  • Refine and adapt herd health approaches to improve herd health management, including appropriate drug use.
  • Develop diagnostics and vaccines to improve animal disease control programs.
  • Test different gender-responsive business models to improve access to animal health services and products.

The flagship:

  • Performs advanced biosciences research on animal vaccines and diagnostics.
  • Evaluates and adapts new holistic approaches to improve herd health.
  • Explores new solutions to improve product and service delivery.
  • Has a strong commitment to a gender-integrated research approach.
  • Provides leverage and value for money through ‘crosstalk’ among laboratory and field-based staff, leading to faster and more efficient deployment of new products and services.

Contact flagship leader:  Ulf Magnusson, SLU

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