Livestock health flagship

The Livestock Health flagship’s objectives are:

  • Develop and deploy methods and tools for evaluating animal health constraints and identifying emerging threats.
  • Refine and adapt herd health approaches to improve herd health management, including appropriate drug use.
  • Develop diagnostics and vaccines to improve animal disease control programs.
  • Test different gender-responsive business models to improve access to animal health services and products.

The flagship:

  • Performs advanced biosciences research on animal vaccines and diagnostics.
  • Evaluates and adapts new holistic approaches to improve herd health.
  • Explores new solutions to improve product and service delivery.
  • Has a strong commitment to a gender-integrated research approach.
  • Provides leverage and value for money through ‘crosstalk’ among laboratory and field-based staff, leading to faster and more efficient deployment of new products and services.

Contact flagship leader:  Ulf Magnusson, SLU

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