Livestock feeds and forages flagship

The Livestock Feeds and Forages flagship’s objectives are:

  • Define the priorities for feed and forage research and development.
  • Develop improved feed and forage genetic options.
  • Identify and test feed and forage utilization and processing opportunities suitable for use in small-scale production systems undergoing rapid inclusive or fragile growth.
  • Take new feed and forage technologies to scale
  • Assess the impact of these technologies on animal productivity, farm incomes and the distribution of benefits to producing and consuming families, including women and children.

The flagship:

  • Aims to close yield gaps through improved feeding that increases livestock productivity, providing enhanced opportunities for smallholder livestock keepers and producers to meet increased demand for livestock products.
  • Builds on CGIAR comparative advantages, including a long tradition of research on feeds and forages and the unique genetic resources held in CGIAR genebanks.
  • Exploits new scientific opportunities to produce more and better quality feeds and forages.
  • Delivers content-specific feeding strategies that increase overall feed supply and livestock productivity in intensifying systems and provides more reliable feed supply in vulnerable systems.
  • Identifies and addresses specific strategies to enhance equity and improve participation of women and young people in the livestock sector.

Contact flagship leader:  Michael Peters, CIAT

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