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Gendered perspectives on smallholder cattle production and health management in Tanzania

Dairy farming offers opportunities to address poverty and food security among small-scale livestock keepers in Tanzania, particularly rural women. Animal health problems greatly hinder dairy farming in the country, making animal health interventions critical for achieving food security. Limited gender research has been undertaken on animal health and in relation to food security in rural households.

This study provides a gender analysis of animal health in small-scale dairy farming and the food security implications in three villages of Tanzania. The findings show that both women and men respondents were involved in animal health management and had similar knowledge of diseases. They also show how animal diseases impact the food security of women in particular. Yet, women were found to face more constraints than men in accessing vet services, information on diseases, and animal medicines.

The article suggests possible ways of minimizing gender disparities in animal health management.

Read the full article:

Galiè, A., Distefano, F., Kangogo, D., Mattioli, R.C., Wieland, B, and Baltenweck, I. 2017. Gendered perspectives on smallholder cattle production and health management in three sites in Tanzania. Journal of Gender, Agriculture and Food Security 2(3): 43-65 .

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