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Biosecurity measures to mitigate African swine fever in Uganda’s pig value chains

Cross breed sow and piglets on a farm in Masaka district, Uganda

African swine fever is an important health challenge in Uganda’s pig sector (photo credit: ILRI/Apollo Habtamu)

An assessment by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and its partners has emphasized the need to establish effective biosecurity measures to prevent the entry and spread of African swine fever (ASF) in Ugandan pig farms.

The evaluation documented critical areas for intervention and pilot tested practical biosecurity measures for controlling ASF along the pig value chains.

This brief highlights the following key recommendations:

  • Providing basic information about ASF to key value chain actors and stakeholders, most importantly farmers, traders, and butchers;
  • Strengthening of grassroots‐level surveillance and reporting systems to feed in the national structure;
  • Building the capacity of the disease reporting structure from centre to local governments to ensure veterinary services are answerable to a direct chain of command in the event of a disease outbreak;
  • Enhancing inspection of live pigs during transportation and strengthening public health and meat hygiene; and
  • Encouraging the uptake of biosecurity measure by farmers through the promotion of business models that improve income from piggery.

These recommendations are also applicable to managing other diseases that are affecting the livestock, trade and public health in the country.

Download the brief 


One thought on “Biosecurity measures to mitigate African swine fever in Uganda’s pig value chains

  1. In most cases animal transportation is targeting cows only and some times in times of outbreak no healthy personal come out to help the farmers and people end up even eating affected animals may because of poverty.currently in Masaka all pigs are dying but no help from district healthy workers .


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