Research on animal feeds and forages

The animal feeds and forages flagship aims to increase livestock productivity by identifying, testing and delivering superior feed and forage strategies responding to evolving demands for animal-source foods

  • Works on more and better feeds: new feeds and forages; new strategies to use existing feeds and forages better
  • Works across CGIAR programs on ‘full purpose crops’; biological nitrogen fixation
  • Delivers options for delivery at scale of feed and forage technologies (eg seed systems etc); prioritizes opportunities for women, youth, new private enterprises


7. What are the most promising gains that we can expect for smallholders from animal feed and forages research discovery and delivery? How do we best achieve these?

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2 thoughts on “Research on animal feeds and forages

  1. You’ll find that most of smallholders are not doing so well in production because of lack/poor understanding of nutritive contents of the feeds and forages they give to their animals. A good example is Kenyans lower eastern. Farmers just give their animals any kind of fodder to just fill their stomach thinking that an animal produces a lot when it’s full regardless of the nutrients taken. Kindly embark on Animal nutrition awareness in those areas.


  2. Agree with IRENE. Indeed, in Mali most of smallholders do not clearly perceive the role of supplements in ruminant nutrition and feeding. The supplement must increase intake of the poor basal diet which is usually much cheaper than the supplement.


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